Camping Essentials List

Camping has been some of the best, memorable and hilarious vacations that my family and I have had, from very basic camping in a field full of bulls (we thought they were cows) to the very top of the range campsite with all the comforts of home (not what I really call camping) we all need the Camping essentials list to tick off all the equipment that’s needed for your holiday.

Having started camping with my parents and sister at the ripe old age of 7 years old I remember many times my parents forgetting some piece of equipment, be it as small as a can opener, tent pegs or even the ground sheet once, if they had compiled a camping essentials list they would not have had to purchase the forgotten items hence, my sister and I could have had more ice cream and donkey rides.

I shouldn’t moan I am very grateful that my parents always made every effort to make our camping holidays full of fun, my nana even came camping with us, at the age of 78 years sleeping on a camp bed, she giggled most nights with my sister as she was trying to get into her sleeping bag on one of the old style camp beds, such fond memories! My nana would have defiantly been on my camping essentials list.

Nowadays you can have a camping holiday where all equipment will be supplied at your chosen destination, the tent is erected everything is ready for you and your family, just add clothes and food. It would still be good practice to refer to a camping essentials list as not all these type of vacation supply everything.

If you are new to the idea of camping or even just considering a holiday under canvas knowing what to take camping with you is vital as it can be the make or break of your holiday. Even the very experienced refer to a camping list.

The Very Basics

           The Essentials                           Cooking                                   Clothing

Tent inc poles & pegs Water & canteen Boots/hiking/shoes/trainers
Ground sheet Food (take little buy local) Jeans/trousers
Fly/storm sheet Stove Socks
Sleeping bag Fuel (for stove) Underwear
Sleep mat/air bed/camp bed Pots & pans T-shirts
Headrest/pillow Cutlery Shorts
Mallet Tin opener Poncho/rain
Torch/batteries Washing up bowl/bucket Sweater
Swiss army knife Bin liners Cap/hat
First aid kit Plates/bowls Swim trunks
Toilet roll Mugs/cups Laundry bag
Wash bag Sharp knife Large towel
Cool box Matches/lighter
Tea towel/dish cloth

Non Essentials Camping Items

Camp/folding chairs Corkscrew/bottle opener Napkins
Camp/folding table Wine/beer Plastic cups
Portable fridge Camera Paper plates
Ali foil/cling wrap Compass/maps Dust pan brush
Blankets Pen & paper Smoker
Drinking glasses Food prep board B B Q
Radio Candles Tongs
Sun cream Binoculars Cooking oil
Solar charger Books Zip food bags
Clothes line/pegs Cards/games Duct tape

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